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Hillside Beach Club, Turkey: Kids Club Review

For parents of young children, Turkey’s Hillside Beach Club is a fantastic choice for a five-star beach holiday.


With plenty of sunshine, sea and sand; food options to satisfy young tums; and spacious accommodation with separate bedrooms, families opt for this resort year after year.

And one of its many pulls is the kids club. So with our famous friend Chemmy Alcott heading to the resort with her family recently, we asked her to write up an honest review of the Hillside Beach Club Kids Club. Here’s what she had to say…

“The kids club at Hillside Beach Club was the best kids club I’ve ever seen in the world. It had a swimming pool with three slides in it; it had a ball pit swimming pool; a huge sandpit; an activity centre with a basketball court and foosball. It was like it was made for my children (aged five and three)!

“But it was the team there that made it. Every hour, on the hour, they had a new activity which the kids can partake in.

“Plus you didn’t have to book the kids club so you didn’t have to be organised; you could just go and see what was on. And you can leave them there if they’re old enough.

“It was just amazing. I’ve never gone to a place where my sons wake up and want to go to a kids club. They normally want to hang out with me! And once I’d gotten over the sadness of that I actually realised that then I would have guilt-free time for myself!

“Often on holiday you feel like it’s not really a holiday, you’re just doing everything your kids want to do. But actually knowing that Lockie and Cooper wanted to go to the kids club made it so much easier for us to have adult time as well.”

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